About the event

When: February 27th, 2024

What time: 18:00 CET

Where: Online

Yalantis is hosting its first online event of 2024, dedicated to one of the most popular topics in the IoT and Rust communities. Our experts will discuss approaches and challenges in testing IoT-based solutions, along with exploring the future of Rust in the IoT industry.

This event is tailored for CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, COOs, CPOs, CHOs, Heads of R&D Departments, Directors and VPs of Engineering, VPs of Product, Tech Leads, Product Managers and Directors, and Hardware Department Leads who play a key role in:

  • IoT startups
  • established business
  • IoT devices manufacturers

Our speakers will:

  • Discuss types of testing for IoT solutions, the approaches involved, and the difficulties that arise when testing systems with integrated IoT solutions
  • Outline what to pay attention to when building a testing strategy, along with one of the approaches to solving the problems of testing IoT solutions
  • Disclose the role of the Rust Programming Language currently and in the future
  • Describe the advantages Rust holds over C/C++ for IoT devices and the benefits it can bring to businesses in the IoT industry
  • Provide an example of a solution with Rust and an IoT device using new libraries from the Rust community
  • Explain how to build prototypes for businesses without any hardware in the first stage



    September was officially announced as the Amsterdam season for the IoT Unit at Yalantis. We attended two international conferences well-known to every expert in the IoT domain – IoT Tech Expo and The Things Conference. We had the lucky chance to chit-chat with representatives of prominent industry players, listen to reports from industry leaders, meet our respected partners outside of Zoom meeting rooms, and delve into the background of emerging and established trends in IoT project development. 

    Obviously, one of the key directions of The Things Conference was LoRaWAN technology, a wireless protocol for data exchange between devices and the cloud.

    Participants from multiple countries, including China, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, and the US, joined the event to shed light on LoRaWAN and its significance in the digital business realm. It was truly fascinating, and the numbers prove it: about a thousand people attended the conference, and hundreds of stands with various IoT devices and solutions were showcased in the exhibit area. Speakers represented companies specializing in developing solutions for smart homes, manufacturing, and agriculture.

    Of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without IoT gateway vendors disclosing the latest trends in gateway development and management. One of them was our long-term client, RAKwireless, presenting their LoRaWAN-based devices. 

    Their CEO, Ken Yu, shared insights about the current state of the IoT market and the concept of ‘installation of things.’ He also brought up the topic of optimizing the implementation of IoT solutions for streamlined user experience and accelerated time to market.

    “So, IoT, Internet of Things, well, RAKwireless, we believe actually that means installation of things. That is where there’s a huge challenge. So, the next big thing in installation of things is actually making that user experience and deployment journey as easy as possible to scale and to get those solutions out into the market. So, that’s the next big thing.”

    — Gavin Brown, Principal Product Designer at RAKwireless.

    Additionally, Yalantis’ representatives delved into reports on the exploitation of IoT in the healthcare domain, specifically how IoT solutions are used to improve people’s well-being.

    The main concept of the event emphasized how rapidly the IoT sphere and LoRaWAN technology have been developing recently, as well as their potential in being domain-agnostic.

    “I reflect on two days filled with insightful dialogues, insightful presentations, and a demonstration of the famous Wall of Fame featuring LoRaWAN devices. The key narratives of the conference are to collaborate and partner. This is the way to success for IoT end-to-end solutions: IoT device & hardware partners, LoRaWAN gateway solutions, and IoT software development companies, like Yalantis, to deploy and manage it all in a single software platform.”

    — Andrii Burlutskyi, Marketing Director at Yalantis

    The second conference, IoT Tech Expo, is one of the most significant events dedicated to IoT.

    During those exciting two days, our experts had the pleasure to meet with industry giants and get into the recent insights, updates, and achievements in the industry. We are pleased to share the IoT-related topics we enriched our knowledge in:

    • Utilizing AI and ML for forecasting energy consumption and transport maintenance. This topic was particularly enlightening for us, as we have several similar projects at Yalantis. 
    • Ensuring cybersecurity for IoT networks using cutting-edge technologies
    • Providing connectivity and ensuring the stable functioning of IoT devices, even in the face of unstable connections


    “IoT Tech Expo is undoubtedly about high-quality and inspiring content. Speakers with international renown shared their case studies and insights, discussing real-world problems and their solutions. In the exhibit area, we saw numerous companies – from hardware manufacturers to representatives from the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and online banking sectors. We were particularly interested in observing how IoT is utilized in the edge computing and AI segments. One of the main advantages was excellent networking. Open and friendly participants valued their time and the time of other attendees.”

    — Den Hukov, Head of the IoT Unit at Yalantis

    The Yalantis team had the opportunity to engage with highly skilled professionals interested in the Rust programming language as a powerful tool for software development. Our company has deep expertise in utilizing Rust and is currently involved in several projects in the green energy, medical, and industrial IoT sectors.

    At the conference, Yalantis also exchanged working experiences, including projects with companies such as RAKwireless, Toyota, and projects related to electric vehicle charging systems (EV Charging).

    Finally, this conference allowed us to demonstrate our expertise in developing software for IoT-based solutions as well as emphasize our approach to fostering effective partnerships with our clients. Our objective extends beyond offering outsourcing development services; we are dedicated to thinking outside the box and enhancing our clients’ products to help them gain a competitive edge in the market.

    We also prepared a quick video recap from The Things Conference for you:

    About the event

    • When: December 14th, 2023
    • What time: 6PM CET
    • Where: Online

    On December 14th, Yalantis will be hosting an event focused on IoT software evolution and the groundbreaking developments in creating IoT-based products that contribute to boosting revenue and reducing operational costs. This event is tailored for CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, COOs, CPOs, CHOs, Heads of R&D Departments, Directors and VPs of Engineering, VPs of Product, Tech Leads, Product Managers and Directors, and Hardware Department Leads who play a key role in:

    • IoT startups
    • established business 
    • IoT devices manufacturers

    Our speakers will: 

    • Explain the impact and the value from the properly-conducted architecture assessment in IoT software product development and for legacy systems
    • Disclose Yalantis’ capabilities and best practices in performing architecture assessments
    • Provide details on processes and structure in performing architecture assessments
    • Supply hardware vendors with strategies for monetizing their software  
    • Present the general approaches and types of software built around proprietary hardware devices
    • Explore the examples of client-facing, community-facing, and internal software solutions
    • Share insights from a practical case of a long-term software-hardware program

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      About the event

      • When: December 11th, 2023
      • What time: 5PM CET
      • Where: Online

      Yalantis is hosting a new FinTech event where you’ll have the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the progress of GPT chatbot adoption in the banking sector. This event will be beneficial for COOs, CPOs, CLOs, CXOs, Heads of HR, Heads of Customer Support, Digital Transformation Officers, and Training and Development managers seeking ways to optimize and improve the efficiency of internal processes and communication within international teams.

      Our speakers will:

      • Provide insights into the latest AI trends shaping the banking industry
      • Uncover how European banks adopt AI toolsets to facilitate Employee Journey Map (EJM), develop strategies to minimize turnover rate, and break communication barrier in multicultural environments
      • Reveal practical use cases for implementing GPT chatbots in the banking sector
      • Delve you into the technological landscape for building AI innovation
      • Expose current security, integration, and compliance challenges
      • Demonstrate the Yalantis accelerator for AI-powered digital assistant delivery in action through a live demo, showcasing the prototype’s capabilities and how it can streamline and automate various banking processes
      • Open the value of Yalantis AI accelerator for various use cases in HR management processes and customer support operations


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        About the event

        • When: September 6th, 2023
        • What time: 5 PM CET
        • Where: Online

        Yalantis is holding an online event dedicated to IoT technology and its powerful capabilities in the world of business. This event will be useful for business analysts, product managers, solution architects, CTOs, and security officers. Technology enthusiasts, IoT admirers, and IoT community members are more than welcome to take part in this interactive event.

        Our speakers will disclose the following points:

        • Challenges that startups and established businesses face in the IoT domain, which lead to significant resource spending and a loss of competitive edge
        • How to save up to 45% on architecture design and baseline architecture implementation costs
        • How architecture can support modularity and flexibility in a cost-effective way while avoiding useless generic code
        • What IoT edge computing technology offers to the market and what stands behind its growing popularity among businesses
        • How edge computing helps businesses take a step ahead in optimizing efficiency, facilitating real-time data management, and accelerating decision-making
        • Why edge computing may be a groundbreaking force in reducing latency, overcoming bandwidth requirements, and enabling effortless management of devices in hard-to-reach locations
        • The security implications of edge computing with an emphasis on its potential to enhance data privacy and protect sensitive information
        • The latest trends of edge computing and predictions for the next round of innovations which the industry should prepare for


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