Yalantis GitHub Digest in June 2017

Our monthly GitHub digest is back, and this time we’ll talk about new Kotlin and Java libraries that can make the life of an Android developer easier.


Koin Android is a Koin library extension to help you easily inject dependencies into your Android projects. Koin is a dependency injection framework that uses Kotlin to get things done! You don’t need proxy/CGLib or code generation or introspection, only functional Kotlin and DSL.

When to use:

When you want to effortlessly use dependency injection in your Android project.


Fuel is the easiest HTTP networking library for Kotlin/Android. This library will come in handy if you want to start your project quickly. Fuel allows you to focus on exchanging data with the backend, without getting distracted by settings or creating adapters.

The Fuel library allows you to:

  • request and respond to interceptors

  • upload and download files with progress indicators

  • support asynchronous and blocking requests

  • cancel in-flight requests

  • work with SSL certificates

Fuel automatically invokes the handler on the Android main thread when it’s using the Android module. It also supports deserialization into plain old objects (both in Kotlin and Java). Fuel also has a special test mode for easier testing.


The LiveData library is essential for projects that include a lot of work with the backend.

The LiveData class has certain advantages over its competitors: there’s no possibility of memory leaks and all data is always up to date. It also doesn’t require manual lifecycle handling.

When to use: When you need to work with a remote data source on the backend.


RxPhoto is a simple library for delivery bitmaps using a reactive approach. This library is very helpful because it saves time on repetitive, small tasks, such as capturing photos and picking photos from the gallery. The library requests all necessary permissions by itself.

When to use:

When you need to capture photos or choose photos from the gallery.

Progress Manager

Yalantis June Android digest

ProgressManager is a tool that allows you to track how fast images are being downloaded to the backend server or to a mobile device via libraries such as Glide or Picasso. ProgressManager is particularly valuable because Glide and Picasso don’t provide their own proprietary APIs that allow you to track the download process.

When to use:

When you’re using libraries that let you upload or download files, but you can’t observe the progress.

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