Yalantis Became a Leading App Developer According to Clutch

Recently, Yalantis was named as a leader among Ukrainian App Developers by research firm Clutch. Clutch is located in Washington, DC and has the most detailed and extensive research coverage on app development agencies and app development software.

Yalantis is a leading app developer

[Animated preloader for iOS created by Yalantis. Check it out on Github and our blog]

Their evaluation process took into account our previous work, client base, and proven ability to deliver on application development and design projects. However, our favorite part of the research process were the 3rd party client interviews.

Yalantis is a top app developer in Ukraine

Clutch conducted interviews with 8 of our clients! They all had really great and encouraging things to say! Two of the review summaries are below:

Yalantis review

Top app developer 2015

We’re always excited to be recognized for our work but enjoy most delivering great apps to our clients WORLDWIDE! After everything considered by Clutch, we were mapped against other agencies with only the top performing agencies making their Leaders Matrix.

The best app developer in Ukraine

Read all of the great Yalantis reviews or to learn more about how we were evaluated check out Clutch

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