Managed Product, Extended Team, and Managed Service. Three Engagement Models Yalantis Offers to Our Clients

Yalantis works with entrepreneurs and established companies all over the world. Our clients each have different needs, require different resources, and expect different levels of control and responsibility in relationships with us.

To meet the requirements of each unique client, Yalantis offers three distinct engagement models, which are frameworks that define collaboration between us and our clients. We call these engagement models Managed Product, Extended Team, and Managed Service. All three models ensure transparency during the development process.

We will describe the Managed Product, Extended Team, and Managed Service models in detail to help you understand which model best meets your current needs.

Managed Product

This is our most frequently used engagement model, where Yalantis acts as a product development provider. As a product provider, we have a wide range of responsibilities, designing and co-creating a product with you. We engage as your technology partner for the entire product life cycle from the initial product concept through development to market launch, and then continuous product optimization after release.

The greatest advantage of the Managed Product model is predictability. At the very beginning of our collaboration, we will provide you with a product concept as well as projected functionality. You’ll know up-front exactly what results you can expect, at what cost, and within what timeframe. The Managed Product model helps you make informed business decisions.

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What does the Managed Product model offer?

  1. A carefully crafted product strategy aimed at achieving your business objectives. We visualize this strategy using a roadmap. We outline a project development plan and prioritize our work.

  2. A committed team complete with requirement analyst, project manager, designer, iOS, Android, and web engineers, and QA specialists who deliver a product that meets your business requirements.

  3. Guaranteed delivery at the end of each iteration.

  4. A well-designed, well-tested, and fully developed product.

  5. On-schedule product release.

  6. Continuous support and optimization.

How does the Managed Product model work?

  1. We elicit requirements and prepare documentation during the project planning stage. We can start project development even without a detailed specification.

  2. Before each iteration, we plan the scope and provide an estimate for that scope. We only begin an iteration after you’ve confirmed the scope.

  3. Our team fully manages your project, so you don’t have to spend your own time on project management. Naturally, you call the shots, but we let you focus on building your business while we focus on building your product.

Extended Team

The Extended Team model is suitable for clients who want to extend or strengthen their team with key specialists. With this model, our specialists become your employees for a period of time.

This model is the best fit for team leaders or CTOs who have their own SDLC processes and want to manage the development process themselves.

The greatest advantage of Yalantis’s Extended Team model is the speed with which you can complete a project. You only need to tell us what talent you’re looking for, and we’ll provide you with the right people within a week.

What does the Extended Team model offer?

  1. A perfect team (or even just one specialist) with the expertise you’re looking for.

  2. Considerable time and cost savings.

  3. Administrative management. We take care of account management, administration, and taxes.

  4. Quality control. We take responsibility for the performance of our specialists and ensure the productivity of your extended team.

  5. People management. Our HR specialists maintain healthy relationships within your extended team, address potential communication issues and manage changes.

[Yalantis team working]

How does the Extended Team model work?

  1. You define the skill-set needed for your project.

  2. Your extended team is put together based on required skills and relevant experience.

  3. You can interview our recommended specialists and choose those you would like to hire.

  4. After the contract is signed, you can build up a product backlog and get to work. Our specialists adjust to your work processes, and you coordinate the project.

Managed Service

This model is suited to teams who need certain stand-alone services, such as design, development, QA or DevOps. Yalantis ensures the quality of the service provided and assumes all of the risk of meeting the service commitment.

Our Managed Service model is similar to the Managed Product model. But while with the Managed Product model we take the responsibility for delivering a quality product, with Managed Service model we are accountable for delivering a quality service.

The Managed Service model delivers the following advantages: a predictable outcome,  scalability based on business demand, fewer delivery risks, and managed operational performance.

With this model you can focus on strategic management while we are managing the execution.

What does the Managed Service model offer?

  1. Requirement analysis and documentation.

  2. A committed team of specialists you require (designers, developers, QA specialists, or DevOps) complete with requirement analyst and project manager.

  3. Guaranteed delivery at the end of each iteration.

  4. A well-performed service that meets defined performance criteria.

  5. Scalability based on business demand.

  6. Managed delivery.

How does the Managed Service model work?

  1. We analyse your requirements and write documentation that describes them in detail.

  2. We plan the service scope and get you a detailed estimate of the project. We only begin an iteration after you’ve confirmed the scope.

  3. Our project manager manages the service delivery.

If you would like more information regarding our engagement models, please send an email to Our engagement managers will contact you shortly.

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