Yalantis Android GitHub Digest: October

Our October Android digest covers three new libraries that we’ve found really useful. They’re used for restarting application processes, displaying Chips, and working in background threads.

Process Phoenix

phoenix library Android libraries on GitHub

Process Phoenix helps restart your application processes.

When to use:

When dealing with things like fundamental state changes in your debug builds (e.g. changing from staging to production or changing the language).


Chips Input Layout

Yalantis digest Android libraries on GitHub

A highly customizable Android ViewGroup for displaying Chips. Chips Input Layout sticks to Material Design Guidelines as much as possible.

Here are some of the core features of this library:

  • Filter through Chips as users type

  • Let users enter custom Chips

  • Specify if Chips show details, are deletable, or have an avatar

  • Specify how Chips are managed

  • Validate selected Chips with ChipsInputView

  • Most views are highly customizable

When to use:
When you need to display Chips.


Android Priority Job Queue

Yalantis Android digest on GitHub


Priority Job Queue is a Job Queue implementation written for Android to help you easily schedule jobs (tasks) that run in the background and improve the user experience and your application’s stability.

When to use:

When you want to do work in a background thread.

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