Why Yalantis Is Setting on Foot uaMobiTech, Mobile Technology Conference

A real man is a person who has built a house, planted a tree, and brought up a son. A real app development company is an organization which has built a strong team, developed a number of high-grade projects, and… hosted a great conference.

Our industry is incredible. It’s inspiring to see so many app developers and entrepreneurs trying to bring their innovative ideas to the world to improve people’s lives, do something worthy, and pursue their dreams. It’s even more inspiring to be able to reach out to this audience both online and in the  real world  settings.

We’ve been doing blogs and social media for the past few years, and now we’re happy to immerse in a crowd of people who share the same passion as we do, and decided to set on foot a… yes, a tech conference!

Yuliya KeskinEarly summer 2015 we found an ally ready to bring the idea of the mobile conference out of the dust and create the greatest mobile event in Ukraine. After we meet with Yuliya Keskin the uaMobiTech countdown has begun! It was big challenge to organize a multithreaded event that would bring together designers, developers, and business people with a sharp focus on mobile in just 3 months! But the courageous girl accepted the challenge without any doubts.

uaMobiTech is aimed at gathering mobile guys under one roof to facilitate exchange of experience in mobile product development and innovation, and empower knowledge. We’re proud that with this venture we can give back to the community we have the privilege to be a part of.

Having a mobile theme in place we could unify our ideas, get appropriate speakers, and sell and market to the right people. uaMobiTech will be devoted to mobile innovations, mobile product development, and mobile technology.

A few months ago the format and content of the event were absolutely unclear. But tight cooperation with Yulia and our desire to make the conference our own way gave us what we have now:

  • an amazing venue – Goodzone business & relax hotel
  • two threads – technical and non-technical
  • innovation showcase where startups and gadget vendors will be able to show their developments to the world
  • and for sure, uaMobiTech rock afterparty!

With this configuration uaMobiTech guests with and without a tech background but full of zeal for their jobs can join the conference and leave it bursting with fresh ideas. Also, a great weekend in Dnipropetrovsk is provided!

uaMobiTech has a fantastic lineup for you all day on the 14th of November with speakers from the most disruptive companies of Ukraine, Italy, Germany, Poland, the US, and the UK. They will share their thoughts and ideas on the topics that got the whole world buzzing: iOS and Android app development, test automation, mobile backend, machine learning, wearables, mobile UI and UX design and of course, the challenges of running a mobile app development company.

We don't just want to show you what the future of technology will look like, we'd like to physically take you there. To be specific, uaMobiTech will include the following speakers with their presentations:

  • Matteo Bonifazi, senior app developer at Reply in Rome, Italy – “App Links and Indexing to bring your app out from the dust.”
  • Andrew Kharchyshyn, RayWenderlich.com tutorial team member and iOS developer at N-iX in Lviv, Ukraine – “Poking Metal with Swift.”
  • Alexander Bobro, Android developer at Cogniance in Kyiv, Ukraine – “Clean architecture for android. How to organize presentation level.”
  • Roman Herasymenko, Google Developer Expert and senior Android developer at Yalantis in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine – “New security model in Marshmallow.”
  • Enrique López Mañas, Google Developer Expert since 2013 and freelance mobile developer in Munich area, Germany – “Event Driven programming.”
  • Aleksander Sosnovschenko, iOS developer at Gigaset Communications in Wrocław, Poland – “Machine learning for iOS.”
  • Kseniia Shumelchyk, leader of Women Techmakers Ukraine and GDG Dnipropetrovsk communities and software developer at SoftServe in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine – “Bluetooth Low Energy and iBeacon development for Android.”
  • Ivan Beliy, Team Lead at Marmalade Technologies in London, the UK – “2D toolchain for mobile games: requirements, options, cross-platform solutions.”
  • Maksim Usenko, iOS developer at Yalantis in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine – “How we built our own secure, flexible and high performing CI system instead of using a Cloud one.”
  • Lyubomyr Ostapiv, Chief Financial Officer at Stanfy, CFO at Coppertino, Softorino and SupportYourApp in Kyiv, Ukraine – “Everything is measurable, isn’t it? Service company performance metrics. Mobile startup performance metrics.”

And this is not even the full list! uaMobiTech guests will get a chance to get a truly memorable experience.

We all do our best to keep the conference evolving to give you the most enjoyable meetup experience possible, because uaMobiTech is unlike any other conference in Dnipropetrovsk, and maybe even the whole country.

There are approximately 10 days left till the most amazing event of this autumn. I hope to see you all there on November 14th in a beautiful place enjoying the most interesting mobile conference of the year!

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