Why Yalantis Is a Trustworthy Software Development Partner

In the IT industry, considerations about Intellectual Property (IP) protection are paramount – especially when hiring a company abroad. You have probably heard some stories about remote teams stealing their clients’ ideas, code, or even products.

At Yalantis, we protect and respect your intellectual property. But we realize that this platitude hasn’t assured you of our sincerity. Every company says this. That’s why we’re going to explain why we care about your intellectual property, and why your long-term success is tied to our success.

Here is Why We Won’t Steal Your Ideas

1. We know what it feels like when someone steals your idea.

Yalantis’ old website designs got stolen 320 times. We’re talking complete rip-offs that included all original content. We hope this never happens to our current website, but to be honest, we’ll be flattered if it does. Works of our designers frequently pop up in the portfolios of various members of freelance sites. From time to time, we find clumsy rewrites of our blog posts around the web. When somebody steals your work, it means they think it’s great. All the same, we get pretty mad when our creations are plagiarized.

Yalantis old website

[One of Yalantis' previous website design]

2. We don’t want intellectual property theft to spoil our reputation.

We put a lot of effort into building a client base and cultivating our reputation as a leading mobile app development company. We would be idiots if we wanted to lose all that by trying to steal someone’s ideas.

3. We follow the letter of the law.

We sign a legal agreement with our clients. If we break the agreement, there will be legal consequences. The least dangerous might be paying monetary compensation. This is definitely not a part of our business model.

4. We have neither time nor resources, to invest into developing a stolen project.

Since being founded in 2008, Yalantis launched five startups of our own. Only one of them become profitable, and that happened after three years of ongoing development. To date, we’ve closed all our startups, so we’re entirely devoted to working on your project. 

Every project needs funding, time, and effort to get off to a roaring start. Developing and maintaining a single project is difficult and expensive. If we were to fail to earn the ROI on a stolen idea, it would set us back. We prefer to see your projects - and your company - succeed. It’s honest, it’s safe, and it’s plain good business.

You Have Full Control Over the Development Process

Our clients have access to their project’s source codes. We don’t keep the source code to make you dependent on our services. What belongs to you stays with you.

We usually pass source code to our clients once every two weeks during the development process. At a client’s request, we can also host code in the client’s own repository. If you need a consultation on how to work on your code in future, you are welcome to consult with us at any time.

We never reuse your source code in another project. The only thing that our developers take from your project is an experience.

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If we think that some functionality from your project will add value to our future projects, we will develop these features from scratch. Quite often, we make our solutions available for the open-source community on Github.


[uCrop is one of the most popular Yalantis's open source libraries]

We Guarantee Intellectual Property Rights to Our Clients

We have a few types of contracts that we sign at different stages of collaboration.

1. We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before signing a contract. This agreement guarantees that the information about your project will never be disclosed unless you give approval for it. In our contact form, you can pick the check “Send me NDA” and we will start our communication with singing an NDA. 

We use initial information about a product to provide our clients with a rough estimate of project development costs. In this article, you can read about detailed estimates that we provide after signing up the contract. 

After an app is released, most clients let us feature their apps in our case studies and mention them in our blog articles.

2. Before development starts, we sign a legal agreement (contract) that includes chapters devoted to our client’s intellectual property rights.

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3. Sometimes, we sign an additional non-disclosure agreement alongside the contract. This NDA is usually based on our client’s requirements (otherwise, we can offer our standard NDA). But in most cases, the additional NDA is not needed. 

Yalantis Company Values

Yalantis has been around since 2008. Over this time we have established a reputation as a reliable company. We have values that we stick to. Though it may sound overly idealistic for a company, we believe that honesty is one of the main contributors to success. At Yalantis, we treat others as we would like to be treated.

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Yalantis reviews

[A couple of Yalantis clients' reviews on Clutch.co]

You can read more reviews written by our clients on Clutch. If you would like some personal references, we will gladly provide them. Click here to contact us.

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