A Look Back at 2015: The Year of Change

We are almost at the end of 2015 and, according to our tradition, today we want to look back and see what was interesting and challenging for Yalantis during the past year. This was a year of growth at Yalantis. We worked on various projects and mastered many new technologies.

Thirty people joined our team in 2015, so now there are 99 of us! We still need to come up with a gift that our 100th colleague will get! 

Who are these 30 new people? This year we hired even more talented iOS and Android developers, and our QA team has grown substantially too. One of our developers, Roman Gerasymenko, even became a Google Expert this year!

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During 2015 Yalantis worked hard to establish a separate department for backend development under the guidance of Mikhail Kurtikov, who has proven to be a great team-lead. Our plan for 2016 is to help our backend team grow their expertise and develop competencies in new technology trends such as machine learning, high load web, and payment systems.


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This fall, Yalantis organised uaMobiTech, a big conference at which IT experts from Ukraine and other European countries discussed new challenges, exchanged advice, and shared expertise.

mobile technology conference

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Yalantis also participates in social and civil initiatives, supporting our local community. In July 2015, Yalantis gathered iOS, Android and backend developers and designers for a hackathon to build a mobile app for a pre-existing regional government service.  Using the E-contact app, citizens can leave a complaint or see requests submitted by others in a newsfeed or on an integrated city map. Users can leave comments, complaints, or requests for regional authorities, and tag their submissions on the map. The app indicates whether a request or complaint  has been processed, and notifies users when their submissions have been acted on.

[Animation for the E-contact app designed by Yalantis]

The E-contact app can be used in various situations, drawing the local council's attention to a number of issues such as the need for an additional traffic light, plumbing that needs repair, or an area of the city that requires additional parking.  

e-contact civil app design

[Animation for the E-contact app feed designed by Yalantis]

Our success in 2015

Yalantis designers keep creating awesome design concepts and animations. You can check them out on our DribbbleBehance and GitHub pagesAs a result of all of these efforts, at the end of this year Yalantis appeared in the list of Github’s top organizations!

Our app design concept for a Workout Logbook app was featured in a book titled “UI GRAPHICS” from BNN publications, one of the largest art and design publications in Japan.

Yalantis design featured in Japanese publication

[Workout logbook app design concept. Read our case study here]

We did our best to cater to each client’s needs and are happy to receive some positive feedback at the end of the year! This is what one of our clients has to say:

"Yalantis was very quick to respond to any questions we had...Responsive communication was the thing that they did brilliantly on top of the actual development work, of course."
— Director, Accent App Startup

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Yalantis Projects in 2015

2015 was a successful year. We gained new experience in various areas of technology such as wearables, audio and video editing, high-performance graphics, IoT, mobile payments and more. Yalantis worked hard and was named a leader among Ukrainian App Developers by the Washington, DC-based Clutch research firm.

In 2015 Yalantis worked with clients from all over the globe, including the following countries: the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, India, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, China, Australia and Brazil.

Yalantis projects world map

The most significant projects of 2015 belong to the following categories: 

  1. Social networks and messaging.
  2. Real estate.
  3. On-demand delivery (Uber-like apps and apps for logistics).
  4. Dating.
  5. E-commerce.
  6. Niche industries.

One of our interesting and technically challenging projects this year was a messaging app. We call it Instagram for voice and video, but its real name is Halaa (which means “We hear your voice” in Arabic). The app is a unique messenger that lets users exchange short videos and audio messages with an awesome selection of filters and sound effects. We launched the Halaa app on both iOS and Android.

While working on this app, our team of developers had to come up with a number of interesting technical solutions. Check out our case study to learn more about the Halaa project.

Halaa app

[The Halaa app]

Another example of a unique project we were happy to create is a social app for men called Bro. Bro offers a safe, friendly, non-discriminatory environment for any man who is looking for a friendly chat, date, or long-term romance. Bro has a cool design and is all about building a sense of community and bringing men together – whether they’re straight, bi, or gay – to give them a chance to express their thoughts and feelings.

Bro dating app

[The Bro app]

E-commerce app development has always been a significant part of what we work on at Yalantis, and 2015 was no exception. One of the big projects we worked on this year was a platform for car retailers in India. The project is called Autoportal, and is a marketplace where users can find new and used cars, calculate the down payment and interest rates for a loan and schedule a test-drive with a dealership.

Autoportal marketplace for cars

[The Autoportal app]

The entertainment and music industries are thriving in the world of mobile apps, and Yalantis is well aware of this trend. In 2015 we continued working on an app called iBroadcast, an audio player that allows users to store music in the cloud and play back their own collection from a web browser or an iOS or Android device. iBroadcast specifically targets people who are interested in owning their music, not “renting” it. You can read our iBroadcast case study here.

iBroadcast music app

[The iBroadcast app]

We also finished working on Brilliant Move, an on-demand furniture delivery app. The Brilliant Move app lets users book a delivery of heavyweight equipment or household appliances they bought from the store right to their doorstep. Users can pay for delivery right in the app and track the delivery process on a map using their phones. The delivery app brought us expertise in logistics app development and building "Uber for X" types of marketplaces. 

Brilliant Move on-demand delivery app

[ The Brilliant Move app]

2016 is just about to start, but Yalantis already has a lot of plans in store. For starters, we will be kicking off the new year by launching a new website where you can follow along with our latest projects and innovative solutions – see you there in 2016!

And Happy New Year from the whole team at Yalantis!

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