Startups Digest#3

The lucky 7 startups we have prepared for you this week are those who definitely keep impressing us with their interesting and new ideas. Social platforms that help their users to save money and brands to get promotion, a great destination for those who like to bet and win, latest advancements of positive psychology and neuroscience wrapped into a happy startup for the sake of its users' well-being, a personal dosimeter-radiometer for measuring background radiation and emails for eCommerce. These guys know well how to switch ideas into a reality. Why don't you take a close look down there?


Received $1.7M in Seed funding


Sometimes we need to save money. And a few times in life we need to save a lot of money. Boostup is a social saving platform that helps you raise money for a nice wedding, long awaited vacation, a house you will need sooner or later and a car. It works like a bank + crowdfunding enabling users to ask their friends and family for a contribution to their savings to reach the goal. BoostUp works with brands who provide savings boosts and offer an incentive for users to buy their products. For example, Hyundai adds up to $500 to users’ savings if they decided to purchase their car. It has so far sold 3,000 cars through the site. With partnerships in 31 states, BoostUp plans to earn money from companies' subscription fees and make deals with more industries specializing in wedding, home and vacation.


Received $425k in Seed funding


Most active and influential in the world of social media college students finally have the reward for their time spent sitting in social networks. Sumpto is an interesting startup that measures social influence of students by analyzing the metrics you would expect, like the number of Twitter followers, Facebook friends and some other signals, like hobbies, offline activities included into the survey, etc. So what’s the point? The point is free stuff for college folks! Sumpto partners with brands who offer free promotional samples to the students. By making college bullhorns happy, brands reach out to potential customers through social media. The brands need to pay to connect with the influencers, who are assigned the score from 1 to 100 each. It is not obligatory though for a college kid to tweet the gift he has just received but there is a great chance for brands to see their products endorsed over social-media channels and generate referral - the most credible word-of-mouth metric.

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Received $25.5M in Partial Close funding

Received $3.8M in Seed funding


Happy emotions contribute to more fulfilled meaningful lives and good health. Positive psychology and neuroscience have long figured that out and their latest scientific advancements are brought out to public wrapped in Happify. The target audience of this startup are stressed out people, lacking positive emotions and optimism in this complicated and sometimes cruel world. Happify works as a happy spot or a therapist office filled with fun science-based activities and games specially designed to optimize your well-being. Before signing up, you will need to pass through a survey on Happify’s web page, after which you will get an individually formed track they recommend for every user. Doing all the activities included into the program will help you build your happiness skills and eventually become a happy person excited about your life.

Intersoft Eurasia

Received $1M in Seed funding


Intersoft Eurasia is a company based in Russian Federation known for its project DO-RA. This iPhone and iPad extension is an environmental sensor that acts like a personal dosimeter-radiometer for measuring background radiation. People who work in nuclear industry or those living in the regions suffered from nuclear incidents can continuously monitor the background radiation levels with DO-RA devices purchased for a much lower price than other portable dosimeters. Intersoft company is setting big plans ahead intending to drive their technology inside phones as an embedded sensor. Micro design with its detector integrated into the smartphone battery will luckily appear on the market shelf soon. For now their products include a universal iPhone plug-in, an Apple-shaped version called Yablo-Chup, a smartwatch that monitors electromagnetic fields and apps for smartphones and tablets.

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Received $4M in Series A funding


Emails reach out to already existing customers, who deliver 41% of the eCommerce revenue. This is why you shouldn’t miss this powerful channel. Mojn is a cloud-based platform for real-time targeted emails. It helps you create customized emails for the visitors of your eCommerce business web page in real time. As a result, the customers get personalized emails with relevant products according to their specific user segment based on Mojn's analysis. Without replacing your existing email provider, Mojn takes care of all the loads of email work for you.


Received $1.2M in Seed funding


For those who like to bet or challenge their friends to bets there is a special place on the Internet now. Youbetme is a patent-pending social platform to place various bets, the ones about sport events, for example. The system works via SMS, native application and web providing a possibility to track opponents, bet terms and the outcome of the bet in a few steps. You can send your Facebook friends a notification challenging them to bets, nudge the losers to pay up with a text message reminder in one of three styles: “Nice,” “Firm,” or “Dick”, and trace the entire history of wagers. For the time being due to gambling regulations money transactions are not enabled on Youbetme but the founders of the platform don’t have any doubts it will change soon. Meanwhile, they are making money through advertising and sponsorships.

Trade Ya

Received $1.1M in Seed funding


You have your old camera you don’t need but it can still take good pictures? Surely you can sell the camera but why not to trade it for something else you would like to have? Trade Ya makes it easy to get anything you want without buying it. It is a social web platform that connects users with each other for the sake of trade. Anything from a gift card to medical care can be found in the list of the stuff posted in Trade Ya marketplace. Simply post your things, find the stuff you want and trade them for something of the same value in your “haves” section. Trade Ya helps to make the transactions securely. There are currently 30.000 users with $4.3m of goods for trade on the platform.

Hope you liked the edition!


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