Startups Digest#2

Ever wanted to build a website on your own without studying hard and coding? How can you read the news and not be too swamped into the piles of information? Who said one card can only be one card? Check out this digest to find out about a wonderful and innovative software + hardware solution, new visions at social networking, a breakthrough for web designers and a cool toy I bet you could only wish to have as a child!


Received $1.5M in Seed funding

 coin product

One card instead of a bunch of them! Coin brings an innovating and useful solution for keeping all your credit, debit, gift cards, up to 8 total in one place - a credit card looking device. Whenever you want to use your card, take Coin out of your wallet and swipe it just like you always do with cards. There is a specially designed device to add a new-comer into the coin card family. The only thing you need to do is to hook it up to the phone and download the card info through an app. Being founded by a person who perfectly understands how to deal with cards - former PayPal developer Kanishk Parashar, Coin uses a patent-pending magnetic strip and Bluetooth Low Energy for the reader. Another important thing about Coin is that it is secure. You are bound to receive an alert, in case the Coin is not anywhere near you. Set for launch in summer 2014 Coin founders are doing a great job in attracting customers, offering 50% discount for early adopters of the product who preorder now.

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Received $1.1M in Seed funding


Inspired by the birth of his nephew, Nick Babaian came up with an idea to keep families in touch and create a story of memories of your child. Lifecake is a photo and video sharing service, but a more private one. A user can choose those he/she wants to share it with, like members of the family, close friends, and not just everyone from Facebook friends list. There is no need for heaped folders hard to sort out on your PC anymore. Lifecake organizes the photos in a chronological timeline and has an effective algorithm to better highlight the most popular content users share, ranked according to user engagement metrics. The source of the revenue for Lifecake is additional storage space for content and hardcover photo books. With apps already developed for iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, and web, the next step for the company will be content ranking engine improvement and even cleverer usability.

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Received $2.5M in Product Crowdfunding funding


Having set their expectations to as much as $50,000 PowerUp reached that goal within only 8 hours of hitting the launch button on Kickstarter. Now it is one of the most funded projects in the crowdfunding site’s design category history. So what is it? It looks like a paper airplane everyone used to make as a child, but it also is a magic toy invented by Shai Goitein an industrial designer and a former pilot. The magic component of this toy is its motor and control system that lets the paper fly for 10 minutes with a range of 180 feet. The whole rig is pretty light weighing eight grams and the circuit board is three grams only. The key to the control system is an app available for iPhone which communicates with a chip on a tiny circuit board via Bluetooth Smart. You can play with it making the plane go right or left, increase the propeller speed, gain and maintain the altitude. PowerUp do a great job in making their website full of information and instructions, they even have a Flight school class kit for kids passionate about math and science. If I were a kid, I would definitely have my mom get me one.

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The Skimm

Received $28.4M in Seed funding

 the skimm

Do you read the news, people? I am sure you do! But wait...have you ever thought that all the hustle and bustle of the modern world with its instant breaking news coming to you every minute of your precious time you don’t always have time to go through, I am not even speaking of reading it all. theSkimm has the way out! Essentially it is a daily email newsletter targeting young business ladies constantly busy but trying to be up-to-date. theSkimm is basically a filter that provides simplified headlines and gives you just what you need to know in politics, international affairs, sports, entertainment, technology etc. The company founded by two young ladies with media background saw an impressively promising start at the pre-launch phase with 80% of email recipients opening the emails daily. High engagement and the open rate has something to tell minding the exuberant news resources, right? They cross-party and subject lines to break down only relevant news and don’t aggregate material or heap you with lots of links. While theSkimm is getting ready to spend their $1.38 million on improving the user experience and implementing partnerships, I am off to read the news.

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Received $1.4M in Seed funding


Websites can be created without any specific coding background. Webydo is a code generating software service based on the cloud for web designers. Its drag-and-drop website building methods give a creative person freedom of self-expression and boundless opportunities. You can insert lots of features onto your web page such as blogs, google maps as well as assets like photos, original pictures, media, that can be imported into Webydo’s “online canvas” -  some kind of Adobe Photoshop for web creators. The finished website is able to endure as many editing strokes as you need anytime during its creation and management. The service is free until you cross the publishing line where your Webydo hosted website will ask for $10 each month. Fully integrated content management system lets you see your design on the fly and apply changes if needed. Thank goodness everything is included!

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Received $1.8M in Seed funding


British startup with such an interesting name draws the attention of people with particular skills, talents ready for a showcase and...Americans. FightMe is a social video platform that proved to be successful, well-funded and is planning to expand into America as 48% of their audience happen to come from the United States. So what can you do with FightMe? You can use the app to record a 30-second video, upload it to FightMe video stream with a hashtag and then view, share and “applaud”. The most applauded videos climb to the top. The types of the videos FightMe produces range from a girl playing the guitar to urban performance like parkour. The thing that differs FightMe from other video sharing services is that it isn’t that social, which means that the idea is more of a challenge and a competition rather than “look at me” style concept.


Received $2.4M in Seed funding


Shopping for clothes online can become tedious with you ending up getting the wrong sow by the ear. But Fitbay has found the solution of online try on before setting up your mind to buy some clothes. Fitbay helps to discover clothes that fit your body type based on suggestions of the other users with similar size and body shape. To add more, it offers a great chance to discover new brands and designs. Fitbay has a good vision of using the principles of crowdsourcing and community to help people with similar bodies pick up what fits them best and get a relevant social shopping experience. For the time being Fitbay has raised $400k in their Seed round planning to put much focus on product development including the web and mobile. If clothing brands usually design clothes for “average” type, Fitbay is a great helper who understands the body the differences between us.


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