Latest News from the Designers' World: Behance Meetup First in Dnipro

“It was great!” say ‪‎our designers about the Behance Portfolio Review held‬ in the city of Dnipropetrovsk for the first time in history. We participated in this event as speakers and listeners.

The Behance Portfolio Review was organized by Tubik Studio with the help of Computer School Hillel Dnipropetrovsk. It was held at the same place we held Dribbble meetup last year – at the art center YaGallery – and accomodated about 200 people interested in design.

Here is a brief review of the meetup.

Behance Portfolio Review Dnipropetrovsk

Bogdan Pryshedko, UI/UX designer at Yalantis, focused on the tools that we use in our design process. He talked about particularities, and pros and cons of different solutions. InVision and Marvel, for example, are quite simple and allow to test the idea in the shortest time. There isn't a single design tool, however. In Yalantis, we use both Sketch and InVision for wireframes, Pixate or Facebook's Origami for custom interactions, Avocode and Zeplin for communication with developers. 

We are also quite interested in the future of technology and design in particular, and pay our attention to the Leap Motion and Myo controllers, as well as virtual reality headsets, such as the Oculus Rift and others. Here is Pryshedko’s presentation (it’s in Russian).

We’ll tell you more about prototyping in Yalantis in one of our next blog posts.

Bogdan Pryshedko talking about prototyping tools

[Bogdan Pryshedko, lead UX/UI designer at Yalantis]

Marian Mota, product designer at SoftServe from Lvov talked about applying Lean principles to improve UX. He specifically focused on a five-day-long design sprint during which their team goes through the five stages of design thinking from an idea, to a problem, to a user tested prototype. Mota recommended a book by Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden “Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience.” You can check out his presentation here.

Behance meetup

[Marian Mota, product designer at SoftServe]

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“Why is it my mom only who likes my works?” was the title of the presentation by Taras Shypka, UI/UX designer at SoftServe. His presentation, as always, was fun and engaging. Shypka talked about the importance of self-development for designers, and what they need to do to grow as specialists.

Behance portfolio review Dnepropetrovsk

[Taras Shypka, UI/UX designer at SoftServe]

Dmitriy Chuta, CEO at Chapps from Odessa had a presentation headlined “Accelerated designer growth in the Navy Seals training camp.” He shared his experience on how they motivate and improve professional level of the designers in the Chapps team. One of the interesting practices he applies is having their team handle complicated tasks in the shortest time. This way they check if a designer manages to work under stressful conditions.

[Dmitriy Chuta, CEO at Chapps]

Sergey Valiukh, CEO and designer at Tubik talked about how to design not only correct elements, but also beautiful ones. He stressed the importance of education in design and pointed out that people with architectural and engineering background have more chances to become great designers than those without the specialized diploma.

[Sergey Valiukh, CEO and designer at Tubik]
Other than listening to the presentations of the speakers, the participants of the event also had enough time to socialize, make some friends, and learn from their experiences. 
Events like this is a great chance to develop our local community and we're happy to be involved!
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