Win of Our Android Teams at WEARHACK’14

This weekend 6.09 - 7.09 while everybody was relaxing, Android people from our top-notch mobile app development company were crafting apps for Android Smart Watches.

The hackathon called WEARHACK’14 was organized by Google Developer Group Dnipropetrovsk and PrivatBank eBusiness Center and was devoted to introducing the latest developments for Android Wear presented at Google I/O 2014.

Among the 10 brilliant teams of Android app developers, who participated in the hackathon, Yalantis guys took the first and the third place. Thus they proved the highest level of expertise in Android apps development, not only for mobile phones and tablets, but for the smartwatch as well.

Now let’s talk about what exactly was built by Yalantis teams.

Yalantis Android team wins the hackathon devoted to Android wear

SliderMan app - the first place in the hackathon

Dmitriy Dovbnya, Ilya Bershadsky and Oleksii Shliama, the participants of the winning team, were engaged with SliderMan - an app for presentations. The idea of this app was suggested by Sergey Feldman, the specialist in digital marketing.

The app allows the speaker at a presentation to switch slides without the need to come to the laptop or ask someone to do it. Our Android team created a desktop application, which manipulates the information it receives from the presentation files (changing slides, toggling to fullscreen mode). The app in its turn connects to the smartwatch over Bluetoooth.

The smartwatch app has three screens, the transition between which is accomplished by swipe left / right. The starting screen includes the instructions on how to work with the app. Transition to the second screen unfolds the presentation and starts the count. The second and the third screens allow to switch the slides of the presentation forward or backward, respectively.

All the screen area of the smartwatch is responsive to tapping. The control screen displays the amount of time spent on the presentation, so that the user can see how much time is left. What is more, the watch vibrates every minute of the presentation to keep the user up to date.

SliderMan app may be used without a smartwatch.

Our Android developers are going to enhance the app by adding new features, such as setting the timer, picking up the desired slide from the list accessed by down swipe and more.

The winner app at the Android wear hackathon

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Fall Detection app - the third place in the hackathon

Vadim Oleynik and Pavel Apisov, the team of Yalantis Android developers, who called themselves Filur, took the third place with their “Fall Detection” app. The idea of the app is really great and a perfect example of using technology to help people.

The target audience of the Fall Detection app are those, who suffer from diseases associated with loss of consciousness, such as epilepsy, hypertension, hypotension, etc. With the help of accelerometer the app defines when the person faints due to the loss of consciousness. The fall identifying algorithm, our guys created, is based on scientific research related to modification of the position of the body in the process of falling.

Along with application of the smart algorithm, the app also allows to specify the telephone number of the other user. This other person, who may be a friend or a relative of the Fall Detection user, will receive an SMS with GPS coordinates of the fall. Also the app will make a telephone call in the loudspeaker mode to help the user inform the person, whose phone number he specified, about his location and condition.

Google Chromecast - the prize for the third place at Android Wear hackathon

The program was successfully implemented, but our guys lacked a bit of time to fully integrate the algorithm on the smartwatch. Yalantis team is not going to stop there and hopefully you will see the Fall Detection app on Google Play quite soon.

The Android teams received LG G Watch for the first place and Google ChromeCast for the third.

We are proud to have them in our Yalantis team!

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