Latest News From Google I/O 2015

You can imagine how important Google I/O is for Android developers. Probably it's just as important as Apple WWDC for iOS programmers. Even though we couldn't all go to San Francisco to get the real experience of being at the conference, there is one person from Yalantis we're extremely happy for! 

Roman Herasimenko, our Android developer actually went all the way to Google I/O 2015 to explore the latest in tech, mobile and beyond, meet new interesting people from all over the world, and share what he saw and learned with our team back in Dnipropetrovsk. 

We can't wait for Roma to come back home, but we keep in touch while he's there, and would like to share the video he made for our GDG community in Dnipropetrovsk.

[The video's in Russian] 

A bit later we're going to tell you more about Google I/O 2015, as well as share our opinion about Android M Developer Preview.

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