Discover how AI streamlines onboarding, enhances engagement, automates feedback, and simplifies offboarding. Gain actionable insights to seamlessly integrate AI into your HR workflows.

Yalantis online event on AI assistants: Elevating employee engagement, L&D, and retention initiatives


When: June 5th, 2024
What time: 5 PM CET (11 AM EST)
Where: Online



    Yalantis is hosting a webinar where our CTO will share Yalantis’ experience about how AI assistants can help HR VPs and CPOs:

    • Personalize and streamline onboarding. AI assistants equip new hires with the knowledge and instant access to clear, consistent information on company benefits and policies, reducing time-to-productivity.
    • Increase employee engagement and retention. With AI, you can quickly build a culture of continuous learning and development, keeping your workforce motivated, and engaged, reducing costly turnover.
    • Automate collection of employee feedback. AI assistants can collect and analyze employee sentiment, providing real-time insights for continuous improvement of employee experience.
    • Streamline offboarding. With AI assistants, you can ensure a smooth and timely offboarding process, protecting your brand reputation.

    In this webinar, we’ll also cover:

    • Success stories. Learn how Yalantis helped diverse organizations achieve measurable success in employee onboarding, engagement, and offboarding.
    • Implementation best practices. Gain actionable insights on integrating AI seamlessly into your existing HR workflows.

    Register for the event to discover how implementing AI assistants helped our various partners across industries increase employee net promoting score (eNPS) and significantly reduce employee turnover.


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