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Last Saturday was a great day for designers in our city and not only. The majority of them were enjoying Dribbble meetup at the art center Yagallery. As we reported before, it was our initiative to get Dribbblers together to speak about design and get to know each other. We also invited four cool speakers from Dnipropetrovsk and Kiev to share their experiences in creating beautiful things. So why don’t we now summarize what we saw and talked about at the Dribbble meetup which turned out to be a success?

The first speaker was Sergii Valiukh, the co-founder of Tubik studio, a Dnipropetrovsk-based company that designs mobile and web interfaces. He shared his experience of working with clients, showed several interesting ideas and their implementation in design and walked through the possible issues a designer might come across trying to deliver a product that will satisfy the customer. The guests at the meetup had a great chance to ask any question to the speaker and discuss design ideas.

dribbble dnepr meetup

Kostya Trundayev, our UX /UI designer also prepared a talk. His speech was devoted to Eastern UI. Unless you come from an Arabic country or Japan, you might be surprised to learn what user interfaces in those parts of the world look like. The particularity of Arabic design is their perception of the interface based on their writing manner — from right to left. Japanese design is also specific in that it looks quite incomprehensible for a European user.

Yalantis Dribbble meetup

The next topic was animation. Anton Kolisnyk, an art director and partner at VGNC, the leading digital agency in Ukraine, shared his experience in animation design for websites and mobile user interfaces, animation in video production and creating promo campaigns. The presentation was absolutely impressive and created quite a buzz in the room.

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Anton Kolisnyk Dribbble meetup

The last talk was devoted to icons. Taras Shypka, senior UX/UI designer at SoftServe, explained how great icons are made. You can see his presentation here. The talk itself was very informative and ultimately useful for designers.

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We also had something to eat and drink at the meetup. Everyone left with a small present — a beautiful post card with Ukrainian coat of arms on it made by our designer, Toma Reznichenko.

All in all, it was a great Saturday!

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