Dribbble Meetup Coming to Dnepr

You are following our Dribbble page, right? If you do, you must have seen and even signed up for the upcoming Dribbble meetup.

This is going to be big not only because it’s Dribbble, but also because this is the first time in history our city is welcoming Dribbblers all over the country to socialize, share experiences and foster our local design community.

Mobile UI / UX design is as important for us as the actual coding technologies that’s why we decided to take responsibility to organize the hangout.

It turned out that the size of the party doesn’t fit into walls of our homely office. That’s why we relocated it to another creative spot — Art-Center Ya-Gallereya. Check it on the map and remember it’ll be crowded on December 20th!

Dribbble meetup

Now a little bit about the speakers at the meetup.

Taras Shypka, a designer from Dnipropetrovsk, will be talking about «Icons and how to make them clear and beautiful.»

Sergey Valiukh, CEO and Art Director at Tubik will share «One day from life of the design studio.»

Anton Kolisnyk, Art Director from Kyiv, is going to dwell on «Interface animation. A new stage in the creation of an interactive project.»

Dmitriy Chuta, Founder and CEO at Odessa-based Chapps. Not sure what he is going to talk about yet but undoubtedly something very interesting.

Saturday December 20th is definitely going to be exciting! The place is already packed but maybe you’ll be able to get in. Here is the event page on Facebook.

See you there!

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