Communication at Yalantis

According to our company’s philosophy, there are no faceless contractors working on some ordinary routine assignments; and a client is not an abstract service buyer who will vanish after a project is finished. We believe that collaboration between developers and a client and between developers themselves is a key to success in what we do.

What does communication mean for us?

The term “communication” has a much broader sense than simply talking or writing emails, because we approach it from a different point of view. Communication at Yalantis is a process aimed at achieving goals, not simply a means of delivering information. In Latin, to communicate means "to share," and this is what we’re trying to achieve as well. With the help of communication we create understanding, share knowledge, generate actions, and elicit changes.

There are a few things that we refer to communication in the broad sense. They include verbal and written communication, strong work ethic, and initiative.

1. Verbal and written communication

All Yalantis, all team members work in the same office. Thus, they permanently interact with each other throughout the whole working time. We’re building an environment that makes our team players feel they are surrounded by equally talented and smart people. Sharing a common physical space is necessary for effective collaboration.

However, when it comes to remote situations with our clients, reaching effectiveness in communication becomes much more difficult. Regular and consistent voice, video calls, emails, and chats help us feel more in-touch with our clients. This is also the most convenient way to communicate with the teammates without interrupting them much.

Avoiding issues of asynchronous communication like time lags, or misunderstandings can be overwhelming. Our way to compensate for the lack of context in this regard is to be more forward and open than we normally would.  

For example, after an iteration ends, the team sends a detailed report on what was completed during the sprint. A report consists of:

  • a detailed list of accomplished tasks: features implemented, planned/spent time, resources spared
  • a shortcut to the latest build
  • tasks established for the following sprint
  • additional questions (in case there are any)

The most essential conversations with clients are performed via email. We get our point across clearly and simply, show understanding, and are efficient to avoid wasted time since we may be waiting across timezones for our clients to reply.

We find ways to share the context in remote collaboration explicitly with each other and our clients by setting up rules in our communication culture.

One of such rules is fast responsiveness even when we need uninterrupted work time. Being respectful of others is highly important for us. Sometimes it can be just a quick message here and there about the situation with a current task. Other times we have real-time chats and team meetings for hours about our work.

Another rule in our communication culture is a practice of getting client feedback regarding results of our work and our collaboration in general. This way we can gauge our culture fit in practice and elicit changes if necessary.

Communication at Yalantis

2. Strong work ethic

It’s an ideal that we strive for. We translate it into one of our values named “Do your job perfectly well.” Work ethic embodies certain principles that guide our work behavior and push us towards achieving goals. These principles are basis for our communication culture and  include reliability, diligence, cooperation, dedication, and strong character.

Reliability comes with being transparent, doing our work consistently and delivering great results.

Diligence is a prerequisite of productivity. It employs commitment and implies investing time, thought, and energy into a single task because our only choice is to do it right and in the best possible manner.  

Dedication builds our progress and is characterized by our willingness to put efforts into what we do, even when we have to spend extra hours beyond what is expected. Dedication helps us always plan for the long-term both in terms of our business goals and our collaboration with clients.

Teamwork outputs quality and empowers learning. Spreading knowledge is a powerful force and we use it to do things in a smart way.

Strong character is in our nature. It’s our readiness to take responsibility for what we do and the results of our endeavours. When we start a project, we know we can make it, even if it requires us to push the limits of our abilities.

Initiative3. Initiative

When we ask our clients why they chose us we often hear that it’s because of our willingness to suggest a better way of building a product. We pay a huge attention to how we approach project development decisioning because this is how win-win situations are created.

The biggest mistake that development teams make is thinking they work for someone else, rather than themselves. At Yalantis, we make sure every team member is aware that it’s her or his own contribution that can add a huge value to the organization. Since we’re a service company, this often means caring about products that we’re building for our customers.

To be adopted, any initiative requires reasoning. We don’t provide suggestions without listening to our clients first and evaluating possible solutions and their outcomes second.

We have values in the company and are mindful of them in every decision we make — both internally and while working with clients. Because actions speak louder than words.

If you have any questions regarding communication in the process of project development, please sent us an email at

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