How Yalantis Customer Success Managers Ensure Client Satisfaction

We understand how important it is for a client to establish mutual understanding with a development company. That’s why we have a special role at Yalantis of customer success manager. Customer success managers onboard new clients and take care of them during the whole collaboration lifecycle and beyond. 

You can contact your customer success manager at any time to ask any questions. Basically, imagine that you have your own business representative in our office – that’s who your customer success manager is. Now let’s see how Yalantis customer success managers support clients and solve problems.

What customer success managers do

First and foremost, your customer success manager will carefully analyze your business goals and challenges. Together with a solution architect, business analyst, project and delivery manager, your customer success manager will elicit your high-level business requirements, business challenges, expectations, and constraints. They’ll also conduct market research. 

Based on all of the information our team collects, we’ll find the most effective solution for your business challenges and create a solution offer. Your customer success manager will also create an individual success plan for you.

Yalantis team

Once you’re pleased with the technical solution we’re offering, we’ll agree on all the terms of our partnership before starting development. After that, your customer success manager will share this agreement with your project manager so they can coordinate your project according to your requirements. 

The most important part of the customer success manager’s job is to make sure you’re satisfied with your team’s work and check if you have any problems – even small ones. From the start of development and even after the release, your customer success manager will keep in touch with you, regularly measure the progress of your success plan, and monitor your project’s health.  

If you want to make any changes to your project or learn more about the development process, you can contact your customer success manager at any time. They will initiate adjustments and improvements to the delivery process based on your wishes, needs, and feedback.

Your customer success manager is also the first person you should contact in case any misunderstandings or difficulties arise during our cooperation. We don’t claim that customer success managers can solve all issues. But they can find potential problems and assign team members to resolve them.

Let’s say your business is a fitness center chain and you’ve chosen Yalantis to develop an app that will increase the number of customers who extend their gym memberships and increase sport supplement sales. To achieve these goals, you decide to create a loyalty application.

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During the first negotiations with our team, we would decompose these issues and offer solutions. For example, we might come up with an idea for an app that notifies customers of the number of trainings left to encourage them to extend their memberships. We might also suggest you could increase sales by implementing an on-demand delivery feature into the app rather than just selling goods in your fitness centers.   

After you approve the solutions to be implemented, your customer success manager will monitor the whole development process to make sure our team provides these solutions.   

Mechanisms that customer success managers use to prevent and solve problems

At Yalantis, we believe it’s way better to prevent problems than to solve them. But you may want to know how customer success managers can track client satisfaction to prevent problems. We’ll share key mechanisms our customer success managers use to ensure your satisfaction throughout the development process.

  • Regular calls

First of all, customer success managers hold regular phone meetings with clients to get their feedback. Every other week, your customer success manager will call you to check if everything is going as expected. On this call you can discuss deliverables, the budget, and any scheduling issues. Regular meetings are important, as they allow Yalantis customer success managers to check if our work is in line with your expectations. If needed, you can have more frequent meetings to get answers to all your questions.

  • Multi-criteria ratings to track client satisfaction

Besides just asking if everything is okay, our customer success managers use a multi-criteria scale to measure client satisfaction.

Multi-criteria rating

Our custom multi-criteria satisfaction ratings help us diagnose aspects of our work we can improve before you inform us about problems or misunderstandings. Our satisfaction criteria cover six categories: communication, budget, schedule, quality, transparency, and project health.

If a customer success manager finds that the satisfaction rating in some category has decreased, they’ll immediately contact the team member responsible for that category’s performance. Our rating system has three levels of problems: minor, middle, and high. Here’s how it works.

Customer success managers classify problems by their type and urgency. They decide which issues should be solved immediately and assign people to solve them. Together with a project manager, a customer success manager designs an action plan to resolve each issue. Then the customer success and project managers present you with an action plan for approval.

Once the action plan is implemented, the customer success manager checks your satisfaction again to make sure the problem has been solved and that development keeps going smoothly. Customer success managers do their best to ensure that all categories have the highest satisfaction rating of five points.

  • Regular internal meetings with project and delivery managers

Customer success managers regularly sync with project managers to check if we’re meeting our clients’ expectations, budgets, and schedules. In case any difficulties occur, a customer success manager works with the relevant project manager to develop an action plan focused on improving our performance and assigns team members to fulfill that action plan.

Moreover, our customer success managers not only measure client satisfaction but also try their best to find solutions to clients’ business issues. Yalantis helps you both develop your project and solve your related business challenges.

The project is complete. What’s next?

After your project has been completed and we have sent you the final report, your customer success manager will contact you and ask for your impression of the final product. Your customer success manager will also ask for your permission to mention your project in Yalantis case studies.

Reports prepared by customer success managers

Your customer success manager will also make an extended report for the Yalantis team at the end of your project to share our experience and show the team’s performance and how we handled issues related to your project. This report usually includes:

A presentation of our cooperation with the client

  • A presentation of solutions we provided to solve the client’s requirements

  • A description of product features

  • Lessons learned during the project

  • Next steps of our cooperation with the client

Sharing our experience and lessons learned among our team helps us perform even better in the future and avoid making the same mistakes.

Next steps customer success managers offer for your business

When your project is completed, you can discuss next steps with your customer success manager. Next steps could include product support or starting a new project together. As our customer success managers are involved in your project’s development, they know your project well and can suggest which of your business needs the Yalantis team can meet.  

In any case, your customer success manager will connect with you to find out how your project is working after the release and whether there are any difficulties with maintenance.

Yalantis and Let's Do It! Foundation

Last but not least, our customer success managers go on business trips with the team to meet clients in person. They also welcome clients to our office when they come to visit.

Yalantis has its heart set on being fully transparent with our clients. And our customer success managers are the team members who share all information with you. They also make sure the Yalantis team meets your expectations and performs flawlessly to develop your product. Together with your development team and project manager, your customer success manager will research opportunities to solve your business needs and improve our cooperation.

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