A Quick Digest on How We Spent 2014 at Yalantis

Since the year 2014 is coming to an end, it’s high time we looked back and talked about how it worked out for our company. Despite the turbulent situation Ukraine had to go though, we managed to ensure safe and comfortable working conditions for our team and reliable environment for our clients. Now let’s see what exactly happened at Yalantis in 2014.

The team

Our company did a good job at both, increasing the number of sales and expanding our staff with new talented team players. Now Yalantis office accommodates about 70 in-house specialists with high level of expertise in iOS / Android development, quality assurance, project management, design and sales. We are glad to be working with these guys!

In September our Android developers took the first and the third place in the WearHack’14 hackathon devoted to building apps for Android wear. It took the guys only 24 hours to build Slider Man, an app for presentations and an application — Fall Detection — oriented at people suffering from diseases associated with the loss of consciousness.

Designers employed with Yalantis keep demonstrating high quality results which prompts the clients to place even more design orders with our company. You can always check our page on Dribbble and bigger design projects on Behance.

Yalantis team[Some members of Yalantis team]

Nothing can tell about the team more, than the results of their work.

«I would like to give Yalantis and the team two thumbs up on doing a great job with the Keep It Forever app,» said Erling Storvik, our client from Norway.

«I have no words to qualify how happy I am to have found Yalantis,» said Yed Anikpo, the founder of John Calvin Commentary app. «Working with Yalantis was the best professional working relationship I’ve had with any company whether overseas or right here in the US.»

The projects

2014 proved effective in both, enriching our expertise and gaining new interesting app development experiences. We were lucky to reach out to interesting projects arriving to us from all over the world.

Traditional for us locations have always been the USA, the United Kingdom and Australia. However, this year we attracted new clients from Germany, Norway, Sweden and other European states including Ukraine and Russia.

The major projects we have accomplished in 2014 can be divided into the following sectors with some examples:

Real Estate

The USA-based Zillow, the largest real estate website, is one of our oldest clients. We have been working with them for more than three years on the development of Agentfolio, an iOS and Android app for real estate agents. This year Zillow entrusted us with developing StreetEasy, a mobile app for New York real estate market.

Agentfolio real estate app for Zillow[Agentfolio real estate app]


We’ve been collaborating with the team behind iBroadcast, a music player, for more than a year now. After the iPhone app version was launched in the market, our developers kept working on its improvements and adding new features. Rod Collen, the co-founder of the project, gave us an interesting interview about iBroadcast app.

iBroadcast app[iBroadcast music app]


This year turned out to be successful in acquiring clients in the dating area. One of such projects is the UK based Hhhello, an app similar to Tinder, but allows the user to express themselves in photos, videos and music. The app is still in the development phase, but we will let you know when it goes live.

hello1[Hhhello dating app]

Time tracking

We had an interesting project in the time tracking area. Study Time-SYLO is oriented at learners and helps them manage their studies. I had an interview with Matthew Tandy, the UK’s individual entrepreneur behind SYLO. The app is an MVP yet but we will likely be working on the project again. 

[Study Time — SYLO time tracking app]


Our expertise in developing fitness apps was deepened with a project that arrived from Australia. TwoFit is a competitive workout app with cool design and unique features.

TwoFit fitness app[TwoFit fitness app]

Unusual apps

I’d say there were two quite unusual apps in the niche markets this year. One of them, AccentKit, targets actors and belongs to the team of London based accent coaches who work with the leading theatres and television companies. The idea of the app is pretty cool in that it represents a library of specific accents. Richard Ryder, the co-founder of AccentKit gave us a great interview, which you can read here.

AccentKit app[Accent Kit app]

The other project with a very unique idea is ODMP (Officer Down Memorial Page). The product was developed for a non-profit organization that honors police officers killed in the line of duty. The service the app performs is very honorable and we are happy to have been involved in the project. Read the big story about the ODMP project.

ODMP app[ODMP app]

Other apps

More examples include events and e-commerce applications (can’t name these projects due to our client’s privacy concerns), readers (LifeBuzz), messengers (Voki), social networks (Entourage) etc.

These are just some examples of the projects that we have developed in the past 12 months. If you are interested in finding out more about our experience, we’ll be looking forward to receiving your emails.

Our own products

Apart from developing apps for clients, we also have our own products. They give us a unique opportunity to gain deep experience in product development and are a perfect tool to improve our expertise.

My Day Countdown app[My Day Countdown timer]

My Day Countdown app for events for both, iOS and Android platforms, has seen more than 2M downloads this year, with 500K of the active app users. We launched a promo website for the app and keep working on adding new useful functionality.

Another product of ours is Yalantis website. We completely redesigned all the pages and now it looks as good as new!


Our company has started taking an active part in fostering our local IT communities. Yalatis team members attended a number of conferences in Ukraine, as well as participated in rolling out meetups in our city.

There were a few IT events organized by our company this year. The most recent hangout for designers — Dribbble Meetup, proved to be very successful.

We lined up both summer and winter Google Developer Group Android Sessions and earlier this year also a meetup for CocoaHeads (sort of what iOS developers call themselves sometimes)

Moreover, we successfully fulfilled our initiative to bring IT music talents into masses. The event was called IT Band Fest. We did a good job in letting coders make a pause in programming and just have fun playing music.

Yalantis IT Band Fest[IT Band Fest. Igor Muzyka, our iOS developer and his band]

We were featured as #1 best app developer and Yalantis page on Dribbble became a success. To sum up, I’d say it was a good year!

We can’t wait to get more exciting projects in the coming year!

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